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Crayon Roll Sewing Pattern, Felt Crayon Roll

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Want to keep your little one busy? Then sew this easy crayon roll and keep her occupied with coloring all day long! These crayon rolls are very easy and quick to make and can be carried wherever you go. They can be rolled and tied and kept in your handbag or purse. These crayon rolls are also easy to use for your little one; she can easily slip the crayons down the casing with her little fingers. Moreover, when she is done with her coloring chores, she can easily roll it up and secure it by tying the satin ribbon. Made with felt, these crayon rolls are more durable than fabric and you have the added advantage of making them in beautiful and brighter combinations!

* This pdf will help you make crayon rolls in three different sizes.

                                  Click Here for The Free Pattern

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