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Sewing Pattern for Girl’s Peter Pan Collar, How to Sew a Detachable Peter Pan Collar, 2 to 10 Years

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Sew this Peter Pan collar and give a fashion boost to your little girl’s tee or dress. You can choose different colors or prints for the two sides and make a two-in-one reversible collar or embellish the collar with pearls and sequins to wear it as a party accessory. This collar is detachable and easy to sew and to wear. It requires very little fabric and you can make as many as you want with your leftover fabric scraps!
Materials Required
                         2) The cotton fabric of a coordinating or contrasting print for the other side of the collar.
                                       3) Medium weight fusible interfacing.
                                       4) 3/8-inch satin ribbon.
 Fold the fabric and keep the pattern template in such a way that the straight shorter edge of the template is on the fold as shown above. Mark the pattern on the fabric and cut it out. You will get one piece of your collar.
Repeat the steps on the other fabric piece and the interfacing. You will get three pieces like the above.
The interfacing should be smaller than the pocket pieces so as to avoid the bulk at the seam.
Take the interfacing and cut 3/8-inch around the entire edge as marked above.
Now fuse the interfacing onto the wrong side of one of the collar pieces, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to leave a uniform gap all around.
Take the other collar piece and attach satin ribbons about 10 inches long on both its curved edges as shown above.
Take the two collar pieces and layer them with the right sides together, aligning the edges and pin, take care to tuck in the satin ribbon.* Note that the 2-inches  marked is to be left open to turn the collar right side out.
Sew them together with a 3/8-inch seam, removing the pin as you go.
 Clip the corners and trim the edges (not shown in the picture). Turn it right side out through the opening.
Press it taut and top stitch along its entire edge, tucking in the raw edges.
Your two-sided, detachable collar is ready! Wear it around your little girl’s neck and tie the ribbons together


Sharing is caring!


Saturday 6th of July 2013

this is very interesting and i am going to try it with lace fabric sand see what happens