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Paper Cup Jumping Octopus Kid’s Craft

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Get ready for some creative summer fun with this delightful kids’ craft: the paper cup octopus! Transform an ordinary paper cup into a charming sea creature that will inspire hours of imaginative play.


paper cup octopus craft


This easy and engaging summertime craft allows children to exercise their creativity while developing their fine motor skills. With just a few simple materials like paper cups, paint, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners, young artists can bring their own unique octopus designs to life.


kids octopus craft with paper cup


easy summertime octopus craft with paper cups


Whether it’s a sunny day at the beach or a rainy afternoon indoors, this paper cup octopus craft is the perfect activity for summer adventures.


Paper Cup Jumping Octopus Kid’s Craft


Supplies Needed:

Paper cups in any color ( here I have taken pink)-2

Pink cardstock paper for the spring action.

Green cardstock paper for the bow.

Black cardstock paper for the eyes.

Craft scissors.

Glue stick or Elmer’s glue.

Black coloring pen.


Gather your supplies.


Take one paper cup and cut off the hard rim.


Draw the tentacles on the surface of the glass. Note that the edges of the tentacles are curved.


Cut along the lines to get the tentacles ready.


Curve the tentacles outside using your coloring pen.


Draw dots with your coloring pen for the suckers on the tentacles.


Next, we make the spring action ready.


Take two strips of paper 3/4-inches wide and 10- inches long. Glue it at right angles to each other as shown above. Fold one strip over the corner, followed by the other. Repeat the process to get an accordion style piece for the spring action.


Cut out two 1/2-inch wide oval pieces from the black cardstock and 4 smaller circles from the white cardstock.


Glue the white circles to the black, in a manner shown above.


Take the second paper cup and glue the eyes on to it.


Cut out another black circle and glue it to the paper cup, for the mouth of the octopus.


For the optional bow, cut out a piece from the green cardstock paper, in the shape of two leaves attached along the base(as shown above).


Fold the tips over to the center and glue in place. 


Wrap a small strip of paper  around the center and again glue in place.


Glue it to the top of the octopus head.


Glue the folded paper above the cup with the tentacles.


Place the octopus head above it and your jumping octopus is ready!


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