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Adorable Reversible Bag for Girls (Free Sewing Pattern)

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Adorable Reversible Bag for Girls


This adorable reversible bag for girls was inspired by my niece who is rarely seen without a bag. She loves to imitate her mommy and has been spotting a bag since she was two. I am sure she is going to love this one from me!


Make this one for your little girl as well and see her smile all day. The two bags you see above are one and the same. The bag is reversible and has a felt flower you can attach with a safety pin on either of the two sides.


Adorable Reversible Bag for Girls


The bag is made such that even someone who has never tried sewing a bag can easily make it. It can work up in just about an hour.  The finished bag is 9 inches wide at the top and 6 1/4 inches high.


Use a thick fabric like denim on one side to avoid adding interfacing, one less thing to worry about! You can make this from scrap fabric and recycled Jeans.


If you are not in a mood to take up elaborate sewing projects this one will be relaxing. So what are you waiting for? Grab your sewing notions and join me as I take you through every step of this Blissful Sewing Project!



Adorable Reversible Bag for Girls


Materials Required


  1. 1/4 Yard of Denim fabric (let’s call it the bag outer).


  1. 1/4 Yard of the Strawberry Fabric (let’s call it the bag lining).


  1. 1/4 Yard of the Polka Dot Fabric fr the banding.


  1. A small piece of Red acrylic felt


  1. One safety pin to attach the flower


  1. Sewing notions and a Sewing machine



Adorable Reversible Bag for Girls

Cut out 2 pieces of the lining fabric with measurements as shown above. Repeat the same with the outer fabric to get two pieces.



Adorable Reversible Bag for Girls

You will get your pieces like this, 2 of each fabric.



Take the polka dot strips you cut for the bands, fold one of the raw-edge inside along the length by 1 inch, and press.



Fold the other raw edge in by 1 1/8 inch and press. So your band will now be a little less than 2 inches wide.



To make the handle, take the strips as per the table above, fold both the raw edges in by 1 inch, and press just like you did for the band. Now fold it again at the middle and press to get a handle that is about 1 inch wide. Sew the long edges shut. Keep it aside.



Fold the raw edge at the top (the widest side) of the lining piece by 2/8 inches to the right side and press. Repeat with the other lining and outer pieces.



Keep the band you made over the top wide edge of the bag on the right side and sew along the edges as shown by the blue lines. Repeat for all the 4 pieces.




Cut off the excess band along the side of the lining piece following its shape.




After you finish attaching the bands it will look like this.


Keep the right sides together of both the lining pieces and sew as shown by blue line with a 2/8 inch seam allowance. Repeat with your outer pieces.



Trim the bottom and top corners as well as the seams close to the stitch to reduce any bulk.



You will get two pouches like this.



Keep the bag outer  pouch right side out and the lining one wrong side out. Insert the lining pouch into the outer one. You will now have the wrong sides of the pouches touching each other.



Align the side and top seams.



Insert the bag handle between the two layers ( almost 1 1/2 inches inside on each side) and pin in place.



Sew along the top edge as shown above joining the two pouches and sandwiching the handle in between.



Your completed bag will now look like this.




Cut out 2 flower motifs with pointy petals. My bigger layer was almost 2 1/2 inches and my smaller about 2 inches.



Overlap the two layers of petals.



Pinch the center and hand sew to make the petals stand up. Attach it to the bag with a safety pin. When you want to reverse your bag, take the flower off and pin it to the new right side of the bag.



Adorable Reversible Bag for Girls

Let your girl enjoy her mommy’s new creation!


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