Sew Easy, So Chic: Lace Up Your Tee in 15 Minutes!



Total T- Shirt Makeover

Gather The Supplies

You will need to cut the sleeve into 4 pieces. Leave about 7-inches of the sleeve and make the first cut. 

Take the lace, fold it and keep the first sleeve piece above it. Leave 3/8-inch all around and cut the lace pieces. 

The sleeve and lace pieces will be arranged as shown above. 

Take the first set of lace and keep them layered, with the right sides together. Sew them shut along the two edges to get a lace ring. Repeat with all the remaining lace pieces

Keep the t-shirt on its right side and the lace on its wrong side. The shorter edge of the lace should face the raw edge of the sleeve. Slide the lace over the sleeve. Align raw edges together and pin all around.

Grab the full tutorial via link below